Hosted Telephone Lines
  • complete web-based solution for your telephony, Fax and SMS
  • Cut the costs of calls - reduce your phone bill
  • Flexible and future proof to suit all businesses
  • Never miss a call with online management
  • Easy to install
  • Use the network Phone anywhere in the World
  • 24/7 international Support

Great Feature and Great Values

Guaranteed to be the best telephone deal

Virtually anywhere

Send and receive faxes in a digital format

Upgrade your Number Management
Add features to enhance the management of incoming business calls. Tailor the features and create a telecoms system to fulfil the individual requirement of your business. Selecting and add the call management upgrades to meet your business needs. Simply upgrade services and features online to help your business control calls and save on costs. The complete range of Telecoms World solutions are accessible through the online platform, allowing users to implement changes instantly. Upgrades ultimately give businesses added functionality and complete call control. Got a question about solution upgrades? Call the team on 0800 043 0800.
Route incoming business call to a UK landline or mobile
Number management providing your business with complete control of your business telecoms setup. Our call management facilities have an extensive range of features that allow the business to control calls at the touch of a button. All changes are implementing directly through our easy-to-use Call Routing interface. Online control - Complete online call control 24/7, 365 days a year Time of day routing - Control where your calls go during and outside of office hours Mobile routing - Route calls to your mobile Set the ringtime - Control the number of rings before the call is diverted or captured by Emaill Voice mail to Emaill - Capture unanswered calls & have the message Emailled to your inbox
Set the Interactive Voice Response to helps businesses
Ensure the highest level of customer service with our 'IVR' Auto Attendant solution. Greet customers professionally, and route calls to the relevant business department. Provide the option to route calls to up to several departments using keypad controls. This lightens the workload of your receptionist and means customers are not waiting for calls to be answered.
How much do phone numbers cost?
After upgrading to one of our full team packages, the first UK local or national phone number you book in your account will be free of charge. This number will be yours to keep as long as your account rEmailns active. Additional phone numbers will then be charged for: e.g. one phone number will cost you just £1.95 per month, a block of 3 numbers is available at £4.95 per month while a block of 10 numbers is just £9.95 per month.

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Our mission is simple. Each employee, from the oldest member of management to the youngest sales trainee, believes that everything we do should support the following four goals

  • Deliver the best IP telephone system found anywhere

  • Offer fair and competitive pricing

  • Provide unparalleled client service

  • Build a sustainable business model for the long term