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Add features like Call Recording and Bespoke Announcements to upgrade the management of your incoming business calls

Upgrade your Number Management

Add features to enhance the management of incoming business calls. Tailor the features and create a telecoms system to fulfil the individual requirement of your business.

Selecting and add the call management upgrades to meet your business needs. Simply upgrade services and features online to help your business control calls and save on costs. The complete range of Telecoms World solutions are accessible through the online platform, allowing users to implement changes instantly. Upgrades ultimately give businesses added functionality and complete call control.

Got a question about solution upgrades? Call the team on 0800 043 0800.

Key features of Call Routing

  • Call Record
    Activate Call Record to record all incoming calls to your number. From start to finish and an audio file is produced and this will be delivered to a chosen Emaill account within minutes after the call.
    Monthly Rental £9.99
  • Extra OOH Target
    Setup an Extra Out Of Hours Target for a second landline or mobile target to work in conjunction with calls captured outside of working hours
    Monthly Rental £9.99
  • Bespoke Announcements
    The user can record and upload messages within minutes. Record sound files in MP3 or WAV format.
    Monthly Rental £9.99
  • Stored VoicEmaill
    The user can listen back to all recorded voicEmaill messages at the click of a button. You can flag messages that are important and delete those that are not required.
    Monthly Rental £9.99
  • DN Presentation
    Configure 'Dialled Number' presentation, all incoming calls to your number will be presented on your telephone keypad allowing the you to distinguish a business call from a personal call.
    Monthly Rental £9.99
  • Stored Call Record
    All incoming calls to your 08/03 number will be recorded from start to finish and the caller will not be alerted to the call being recorded.
    Monthly Rental £9.99
  • Audio Whisper
    At the point of the call being connected, a generic message stating "Business Call" will play. This allows the user to identify between a personal or business call.
    Monthly Rental £9.99
  • Simultaneous Targets
    The calls made to your 08/03 number will ring at all of the configured landline or mobile phone targets. Up to 4 target numbers can be activated, meaning calls are always answered.
    Monthly Rental £9.99
  • Mid Call Transfer
    The user can route calls to other landline or mobile phones using their telephone keypad. Calls can be sent with an introduction or as a three way call.
    Monthly Rental £9.99